Beginning Weight Loss Journey Guide

The steps below are for the most part how I have made the transformations in my diet and exercise to lose 160 pounds. I have updated them for lessons learned and clarity where appropriate. Follow the links for discussions of each aspect.

Overall Progression: 

Break everything down into small achievable phases to avoid the conventional wisdom and associated "failure penalty". Do not try to tackle everything at once - success can be achieved in small steps.

Work on diet first and then physical activity/exercise getting comfortable with each small change before attempting another:

Steps 1-4: Dietary Progression

1. High Carb                         ----> Low Carb
2. Low Carb Processed        ----> Low Carb Whole Foods
3. Low Carb Whole Foods   ----> Low Carb Whole Foods No Sweeteners*
4. Primal Food                      ----> Primal with Primal Eating Patterns**

 Steps 5-6: Physical Activity/Exercise Progression:

5. Minimal Activity              ----> Normal Activity
6. Normal Activity               ----> Moderate Primal Exercise

* a.k.a Primal Food
**Periodic Intermittent Fasting.

Seems like a lot of changes  but if taken one at a time the change becomes part of everyday life without an intrusive feeling. This is not your standard diet and exercise regimen, rather it is a path to change lifestyle on a permanent basis.