Saturday, September 18, 2010

Results Oriented: -167.8 Pounds, +2 Pull-ups, -9 Pants Sizes, and- 3 Shirt Sizes

New weight as of 6:30am this morning is 247.2 for a total loss of 167.8 pounds so far.

So about 5 pounds or so in the last month which is slightly slower than the previous, but that month included a week long vacation with luxurious heapings of primal food and a wedding where I had quite the good time and numerous servings of lovely red wine.

It's an amazing number as it seems I have lost about what an average person weighs. I haven't weighted anywhere near this since I was dating my wife so at least 10 years if not 11. I have gone from approaching a quarter ton to less than an eighth of one :)

And oh by the way since I am so proud of it - I am going to mention again that I can now do exactly two pull-ups at that weight!

And oh one more thing since I am proud of this as well I have gone from 56 pant size to a very loose 38 - that is 9 pants sizes.

And one last thing I have also gone from 4XL shirts to XL that's 3 shirt sizes.

Posted this the other day, but here it is for good measure:

Highest Weight to Current 9/2010

Here is my updated weight chart:

So for all those who are afraid less carbs and some IF will make you shrivel and waste away - I am gaining strength and maintaining muscle mass while losing inches and fat!

Paleo/Primal, and Lowcarb saving my life one day at a time.

Previewing this it seems a little like bragging. Did I post all these new stats to brag? A little - but mostly to say to those out there depressed and trapped that there is hope and you can do it too. Just get started with little steps.


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