Saturday, August 28, 2010

Primal Vacation Food

Just a quick note on the awesome food we have been having here in Florida - eating primally has been so effortless here. I took pictures but they are trapped on my phone which has stubbornly decided to stop talking to our laptop....

Anyhow some of my favorites have been plump shrimp cocktail, seared Ahi tuna, crab cakes (no fillers- just crab), a nice fatty steak, and a wide array of veggies and leafy greens. Last night dinner came with sides of green beans, cooked cabbage, and spinach....can't beat that - so yummy!

It's funny people always tell me how much will power it must take to lose all that weight -I laugh a little to myself as I find everything I eat luxurious and wholesome.

I try to explain sometimes how much sweeter everything tastes now, broccoli is sweet on my palate, berries sans sugar are almost too sweet, and I absolutely savor any kind of nice juicy fatty meat (ribeye is my favorite)!

Anyhow - off to grandma's place down the coast where I may be without internet access for a day or two.  See everyone on the other side of the weekend!


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