Friday, August 27, 2010

Standard Life verse Primal Life Plane Ride!

Wanted to share a quick note in one of the joys my low carb/primal transition has brought to me.

The last time I flew was to Europe on business at or near my high weight of 415 with a waist size of 56 inches. At the time I knew I was not going to fit into one seat and decided to purchase a second - one of the most embarrassing things in my life at the time was asking the administrative assistant to add a seat and informing my wife I had to spend our money on an empty seat to accommodate my girth. 
If I was embarrassed buying the seat the worst was flying in it on a full plane. Every part of the experience was another crushing reminder of how large I was - getting the extender, squeezing down the aisle, struggling with the arm rests, etc.... The worst was the one flight that was overbooked and full - trying to disappear in my seat as a family who were trying to get one more member on the flight with them kept asking the crew why there was an empty seat they couldn't fill....finally fairly loudly they were told I purchased it for "comfort".

I knew I was fat - but the experience didn't let me pretend otherwise the whole time I was on those planes. 

Today 18 months later - I was overjoyed every second I sat on the plane, in a single seat, with a single belt, with an extra foot cinched up, weighing 163 pounds less, and with a 37 inch waist instead of a 56 inch waist. The transition to primal was my savior and the experience reminded me of that the whole time I was on the plane!

I may post some quick notes on vacation - if you have stumbled here check out the rest of my story and drop a comment. When I return I will be addressing my conversion from sedentary to physically active over the past 18 months and the phases I went through.



  1. Wow. I got goosebumps reading this. Congratulations to you - I hope you're proud of yourself because you sure deserve to be.

  2. @Shelley - Thank You! I am and hope to help others feel the same!