Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gratuitous Meat Pictures!!

I mentioned in my last post how I smoked my meat for last week so I figured I would throw up some pictures of the finished product - 20 pounds of brisket from my local butcher!

Everyone loves good meat pictures:

Right off the smoker!     

After slicing the flats and pulling the points:

Ready to Eat!
 It was super delicious and I have enough in the freezer for a few weeks. Something very primal to me in smoking the meat - in this case for over 12 hours. No sugary sauce on this at all - just some spices and the color comes from the smoking process! Of course I doubt our ancestors could do it on the comfort of their patio as I did:

I never was big into smoking anything until I got this smoker from the last place I worked as a recognition award. Turns out to be not that complicated - takes regular ole charcoal from the grocery store and a little practice (I started with big pork shoulders - as they are very forgiving).

A good way to make a ton of meat if you are like me and can stand eating the same thing for weeks on end - I view it as a tasty hobby :) One hobby of mine the whole family can get behind!

Now that fall is here I plan on doing more - I will try and remember to share some more gratuitous meat pictures when I do!


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