Saturday, October 16, 2010

Results Oriented: -177.6 Pounds, -4 Shirt Sizes, -9 Pant Sizes

New weight as of 6:30am this morning is 237.4 for a total loss of 177.6 pounds so far.
I also completed 5 full chin-ups and 1 full pull-up at this weight!

I have gone from 56 pant size to a very loose 38 (although I can squeeze size 36 now  I am not counting it yet) - that is 9 pants sizes.

I had gone from 4XL shirts to XL - this week I am starting to wear some plain old Large - that's 4 shirt sizes!!

Here is my updated weight chart as of today 10/16/2010:

Thanks for stopping to share in my success! It can be done - step by step!


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